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AiX is a cloud-based software that delivers easy-to-decipher, critical data to airport executives for timely decision making and precise forecasting.

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Advanced Planning and Forecasting With AiX

AiX is a cloud-based, SaaS application that interprets complex data and transposes it into user-friendly, visual displays for real-time and future predictive passenger traffic. Our software focuses on delivering this data to airport executives in an easy-to-understand format for timely decision making and more precise scheduling.

Next-Generation Passenger Forecasting

AiX is a powerful, analytics-based, digital platform which uses scheduled and real-time data to forecast passenger movements throughout the airport. Our software enables airport operators to plan more effectively and operate more efficiently in their day-to-day.

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Time Management

Significantly reduce the amount of time gathering, analyzing and understanding data.

Easy to Understand

Comprehend data without having to learn complex systems or go through special training.

Make Educated Decisions in Real Time

Quickly and easily make scheduling and forecasting decisions using the application or our robotics process automation software ('Aero' bot), which can report traffic data audibly.

Incident Notification System

AiX offers a built-in, alert notification system for alerting internal airport personnel and external agencies, like the FAA and local law enforcement. Our system notifies users through various avenues including email, phone, and text/SMS.

Mass Communication

Send emergency communications to individuals or groups through the AiX interface, Aero, or your mobile phone via our robotics process automation software.

Alert Notification

With the click of a few buttons, instantaneously connect to and notify airport personnel, stakeholders, and local authorities of incidents.

Manage Emergency Communications & Response

Keep everyone informed before, during, and after any event.

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Robotics Process Automation

AiX is first in the aviation space to incorporate robotics process automation into its reporting software. ‘Aero’, our Alexa bot, audibly reports all daily traffic patterns, delays, peak times, and peak terminals. Aero can even send full traffic reports to users, instantly.

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Effortless Install

AiX's 'Aero' bot can be setup on any Alexa device or cell phone in minutes.

Multiple Reporting Options

Aero can be easily accessed for reports and data via text message, phone call, or any pre-loaded Alexa device.

Incident Notification

Aero has the ability to send out real-time alerts to airport personnel during an emergency.

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Working Today to Build the Airport of Tomorrow

Huge passenger growth is on the horizon but many airports will fall short of matching this growth through infrastructure and staffing alone. AiX has been developed by experts in the aviation and technology industries to solve many of the daily problems that arise as airports experience higher volumes of travelers with less time to analyze the complex data required to make critical decisions.

Technology growth is the only way to match passenger growth.

4.6 Billion

Projected Number of Global Travelers 2019. Up 130% Since 2004.


Consistent, Annual Increase in Global Traffic.


US Airports' Fastest Passenger Growth Since 2011.

All Areas Covered


Easy-to-understand data can be used for resource management within Terminals, Checkpoints and Curbsides. Our incident notification system is in place to help you manage communications during any situation.

Unlike other software packages, AiX remains fully customizable to every unique airport.

TSA & Security Checkpoints
Baggage & Curbsides
Flight Delays & Cancellations
Real-Time & Projected Weather
Daily Alerts & Incident Notifications

Decision Making in Real-Time Data

Establishing real-time management of airports is an ongoing challenge. Technology is being used in ever-more complex and integral ways across the entire airport. With the number of flights and passengers at most airports already increasing, precision handling of time, scheduling, and resource management have become ever more critical. AiX can start working for your airport immediately, allowing for more precise and organized forecasting.

AiX provides an automated planning flow, updated in real-time, to ensure your airport has access to current and future traffic data.

AiX offers real-time data feeds in order to completely manage your airport from baggage, to security, to curbside, and to scheduling.

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Our Team

Our team of experts are constantly working to improve AiX to give our customers the best software product in the industry, along with top-notch user experience possible.

Rupen Philloura


Rupen is the Founder and CEO, and brings two decades of airport operations management experience from many leadership roles within US airports. He also owns an airport operations consulting firm which optimizes airport operations globally and develops avid Airport Managers in the developing countries. Additionally, Rupen has rendered his services as an SME for a Technology company and an Oil & Petroleum company to helping them navigate contracts within the US Airports.

photo of Nick Wagner
Nick Wagner


Nick has extensive experience within the technology realm. He owns a software company and has consulted on and managed the development of software for large enterprises. Nick is also a UX developer, specializing in the design and functionality of user interfaces for mobile and web applications.

Brenda S. Geoghagan


Brenda has 25 years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/airport/aviation industry. She is skilled in Crisis Management, Negotiation, Crisis Communications, Government, and Customer Service, and she has strengths in Media/Marketing and Communications. 

photo of Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner


Jack is an Aerospace and Defense Electronics industry veteran. Most of his career he was employed by Comptek Research, Inc., a publicly traded Corporation. He retired from Comptek as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. Comptek was subsequently acquired by Northrup Grumman Corporation. Additionally, he was the President of Calspan Corporation which was subsequently acquired by General Dynamics. At AiX, Jack serves as a Management Consultant and Member of the Advisory Board.

photo of Steve Tingiris
Steve Tingiris


Steve is a technology entrepreneur who owns and operates a software development company. He has worked closely with large corporations on complex development projects, and he is currently active with Florida Funders, a Florida-based, technology-oriented private equity and angel investment group.

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